Who really wants to talk about snoring?
The subject is still tainted with a certain stigma and is often the target of jokes. Only when pathological snoring sleep apnea causes illnesses do people recognize its seriousness and the need for treatment – yet even with simple snoring, a therapeutic recommendation can be thankfully accepted because snoring can interfere so severely with a good night's rest that it can disrupt partnerships.

Give your patient a good night's sleep and more quality of life. Well-rested patients will be grateful!

Manufacturing a SleepPlus protrusion splint

Snoring therapy is a new interdisciplinary working field in dentistry. In collaboration with universities and dental practices, bredent has developed new and modern » products for rhonchopathy that offer your patients a new quality of life.
Continuing education courses taught by well-known speakers will provide you with the support you need for this specialized field.
We offer » marketing materials for your waiting room so interested patients can read about the various treatment methods you can offer.

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