Darling, you are snoring again!
Some tell jokes about it, others are embarrassed by it: Snoring occurs in many bedrooms – and people who make noisy breathing sounds at night are no isolated cases. At any rate, as people age, every second man and every fourth woman snores.
The annoying sound is not amusing for all affected persons because an interrupted sleep interferes not only with the partnership – it can also have health consequences for the snorer.

Your objective is to restore once again a good night's sleep so the partners can finally sleep peacefully beside each other?

There are various remedial options. If the overweight person loses weight and the „nose is unblocked” yet snoring continues, the novel „SleepPlus” protrusion splint of the „Silencos” therapeutic concept of „biofunctional therapy” can help.
Regain your and your loved one's quality of life through a peaceful sleep!

We wish you a peaceful night!

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